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Guitar Sculptures

Our works are originals, the photos are primarily pieces that have sold already. Feel free to contact us about creating something similar just for you!


Something for the true music lover/collector who wants a truly unique item!

Each of our "guitar" works is one of a kind. They represent an abstract interpretation of real life guitars. The designs and color combinations are almost limitless. They come with multiple D-ring hangers on the back so you can install the piece to suit your particular needs in appearance. You could even place one in a conventional guitar stand for effect as well.


We can make almost any color combination to order!

Click on Pictures to enlarge



Clock & Roll Steely Blues
Two Timing Sweet Twins
Thats It Time After Time
Tune Me On Sound Of Silence
Tunesday Afternoon Committment To Excellence
Empty Spaces All Wired Up

We B Jamin

Tune Me Up
Double Time AxCitement
Just In Time Toons Time
Magic Ax U Tune
Imagine High Strung

Guitar Sculptures


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